12' Food Concession Trailer Fully Loaded With Every Option - Blue

12' Food Concession Trailer Fully Loaded With Every Option - Blue


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12' Food Concession Trailer Fully Loaded With Every Option - Blue

Whether you are starting a new food business or are looking for a food truck to replace your current model, the 12' Food Concession Trailer Fully Loaded With Every Option is perfect for you!

Features & Specifications:

  • Propane Gas Pipe
  • Propane Gas Tank Box
  • Sliding Glass Window
  • Outside Folding Board
  • Outside Lights
  • Propane Gas Fryer: 22in(L) x 18.5in(W) x 18.5in(H)
  • Propane Gas Stove: 23.6in(L) x 14.3in(W) x 3.9in(H)
  • Propane Gas Griddle: 36.2in(L) x 27.5in(W) x 17.3in(H)
  • Propane Gas Grill: 26.7in(L) x 20.4in(W) x 12in(H)
  • Air Conditioner: 32.2in(L) x 7.8in(W) x 11.7in(H)
  • Refrigerator (half refrigeration half freezing): 59in(L) x 23.6in(W) x 31.4in(H)
  • Upgraded Water tanks: 1-30 gal clean tank: 31.8in(L) x 14.9in(W) x 17.7in(H) & 1-40 gal waste tank: 34.6in(L) x 16.1in(W) x 17.7in(H)
  • Stainless steel countertop on both sides
  • Stainless steel storage cabinet under countertop
  • Power system (including internal lighting system; electric plug, socket; outer power supply connect socket, tail lights, etc.)
  • Non-slip floor
  • Water system (water pump, water sinks, hot & cold water tap, etc)
  • Two water tanks (one as clean water tank, one as waste water tank)
  • Dual axle, four wheels, four jacks, tow hook, brake system, etc
  • Color:2 Red, 2 Blue, 2 Black
  • Dimensions: 144in(L) x 79.2in(W) x 90in(H)
  • Range Hood: 118.1in
  • Fire Suppression System: 18.8in(L) x 9.4in(W) x 23.6in(H)
  • WEIGHT: 2474 pounds

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