4-6 Person Outdoor Barrel Sauna Hemlock Wood - Wet/Dry - Silver Lake Edition

4-6 Person Outdoor Barrel Sauna Hemlock Wood - Wet/Dry - Silver Lake Edition


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5-6 Person Wet/Dry Hemlock Wood
Outdoor Barrel Sauna - Silver Lake Edition

A perfect place to spend quality time with family and friend in the backyard, pool side, near the patio or the lakeside. Make the sauna also enjoyable during hot summer time!

Comparing to usual square sauna room, there is 23% less area to heat with a circular design compared to the same size box style sauna, in addition, the heat is naturally pushed back down the sides of the curved walls providing more heat lower into the sauna as heat wave reach to the top part, which causes the barrel sauna heat much faster and save more energy.


  • Wet Steaming OR DRY
  • 1 year warranty (parts)
  • Application: Outdoor
  • Design Style: Modern
  • Model Number: SH-OUT004B Silver Lake Edition
  • Function: Wet Steam OR Dry Heat
  • Transom Windows
  • Main Material: Solid Hemlock Wood
  • Solid Wood Type: Hemlock
  • Power: 6000W
  • Voltage: 220V-240V
  • Heating Type: Sauna Stove Heater
  • NOTE: Sauna Heater Ships With Sauna
  • Certificate: CE/ETL/SASO/ROHS/ISO9001
  • Control Panel: TWO Spin Dials On Sauna Heater
  • Package: Carton
  • Safety Device: Double Insulation
  • Packaging Details: Wooden box
  • Dimensions: 72" Tall x 72" Long
  • Water Over Rocks Style! (ROCKS INCLUDED! TODAY ONLY!)


  • You Deserve It - First and foremost, your sauna experience is simply a much needed, and well deserved, respite from the stress of life. Whether you choose to relax with family and friends or enjoy your solitude, your sauna provides mental and physical rejuvenation and an overall feeling of well being.
  • Cardiovascular - Improvement Your body responds to the sauna’s dry heat by increasing blood circulation and perspiration, the same natural cooling mechanism used in exercise.
  • A Healthy Glow - Sauna bathing helps improve your skin tone by stimulating your epidermis, opening pores and increasing circulation near the skin surface. You gain that youthful, just-returned-from-vacation look.
  • Take Off The Weight and Keep It Off - Studies show that a person can burn 300 - 400 calories during a 20 to 30 minute sauna bath. That’s the equivalent of an aerobic exercise, such as jogging or rowing, for the same period. Plus, a sauna helps you maintain your weight loss.
  • Eliminate Harmful Toxins - Your sweat glands can eliminate a surprising amount of harmful toxins, including lead, mercury, zinc, nickel, and cadmium, flowing through your bloodstream.
  • Increase Your Resistance To Disease - By increasing your circulation and oxygen flow - together with improving your overall level of wellness - the dry heat helps your body strengthen its immune system required to fight colds, and infection.
  • Post-Exercise Relaxation - Sauna bathing assures higher circulation and more oxygen delivered to aching muscles, helping loosen up tight muscles for greater relaxation and faster recuperation.
  • Relief of Arthritic Pain - Doctors prefer a dry, warm climate for patients suffering from arthritic or stiff, painful joints. No need to move; your sauna brings the climate to you!
  • Restful Sleep - The soothing effects of sauna bathing, followed by a cold shower, help promote A deep, restful sleep.

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